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Beginner’s Guide

Welcome To Bitum

This guide offers signposts to some useful resources, including how to set up your Bitum wallet, buy BITUM, participate in Bitum’s governance, connect with the community and contribute to the project (contributors welcome!).


Bitum is Bitum’s GUI wallet. It supports Voting through Voting Service Providers and offers the easiest way to start buying tickets and participating in governance.

There is also a Command Line Interface that exposes more advanced functionality, including the ability to run a personal Voting wallet.

General Guides

The following guides go into depth on key aspects of the Bitum experience:


Network Stats

Block Explorers



In addition to the Politeia proposals site, the Bitum community can be found on a variety of platforms.


The following chat platforms are bridged, such that one’s messages are relayed to users on the other platforms:

Social Media


Code for a variety of software projects lives on GitHub. Issues can be used to report bugs or suggest features. Pull Requests can be issued to merge work into the main repository branch.

Selected GitHub repositories:


Bitum is always looking for new contributors. A basic outline of how this works is: Show up, Find something useful to do, Do it, Get Paid. Do a small bit at first and see if other contributors in that domain appreciate it. This recruitment page explains the project’s recruitment philosophy and approach in more detail.