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Upgrading Bitum

To upgrade Bitum, simply download the new version and install it. You do not need to delete your existing version or perform any additional steps. When you open the upgraded version, your existing wallets and accounts will appear.

Upgrading steps

  1. Download latest version. The latest downloads can be found at or by clicking on the Update Available button in the upper right-hand corner of Bitum.

    Bitum update link

    Click on the link for your OS and download the installer.

    Bitum update link

  2. Close your current version of Bitum (if open) and click on the downloaded installer. Follow the installation instructions as you would for any other program.

  3. Open Bitum. Note that when upgrading, Bitum may need to perform a one-time reindexing operation. This can take several minutes to an hour depending on your hardware.
  4. Click on the Governance tab to check for new Politeia proposals and consensus rule changes. Upgraded versions of Bitum may contain latent consensus rule changes that will be automatically enabled if stakeholders vote to accept them. For more on voting, see the governance section of the Using Bitum page.